Saturday, January 05, 2008

Adventures in Translator Land a Report from 100.7 K264AA

Well hi all from the SweetHeart of the Valley at the Pi in the Sky Ranch. As some of you Corvallans might know we have changed our translator antennae site from the commercial one we’ve been paying for through the nose all these years to the OPB/KOAC tower just a wee bit away from the former site. Hence we’ve been playing with the signal abit via KBOO engineer, John Mackey and a few other folks two Roberts (one of them dear Pue Rogers of Mt. St. Helens fame--Echoes of Fury: The 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens and the Lives It Changed Forever by Frank Parchman) and a recent KBOO volunteer Brian who came up with Mr. Mackey just this last Friday.

Well what a day to come up to work on a tower! Wind gusts to 40 miles an hour, trees dancing tangos on Vineyard Mountain where the tower is located. And then we get up to just feet from the tower and the buildings and what should our wondering eyes see—but of course a downed tree in the road. Of course John asks if we have brought our chain saw, well myself, the SweetHeart of the Valley (being a bit of princess will not let a chain saw in her new—to her—’97 Plymouth Voyager with two sliders).And we gave the chain saw away as it was possessed and followed me around the laundry room. But thankfully Mr. Mackey has a four wheel drive rig and we pushed the top part of the tree out of the way so he could take Michael, Brian, and himself up to the tower (I as the princess I am stayed in the warm car). So the work got done and we headed back down the hill with John leading the way for me to back up down the road in the dark.

All this being said, should any of you in 100.7 land want to help out in tweaking the signal do let us know, we would like to map where it is better and worse since last Friday’s adventures. I promise you will not have to carry a chain saw—but we recommend that KBOO have one for this particular site issued in the engineering room as one might a portable recording device. And many thanks to the engineering team at KBOO for making the signal better here in Corvalley and its environs.

Love always,

The SweetHeart of the Valley--Ever your Reality Chick
Pi in the Sky Ranch

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