Saturday, March 22, 2008

Radio of the Day--The Outside World and Inspiration

Dear all,

Here is the embed that will hopefully work, if not the url is there and the two poems about my wonderful friends at KBOO late night radio.

A Sound Vision
(Ode to KBOO)

I have seen radio,
a vision from which
one will never sleep again:

curled around the speaker,
holding the bubble of sound
as it expands:

circle upon circle
through the atmosphere
then through space.

I have seen radio.

I have seen the Octopus
in his garden
create the pastiche of sound
with a wink and a smirk.

Prisms of waves,
rainbows of quiet,

one sound, then two,
until they pinball
through the speaker

to dreaming eyelids
dance in the heart.


Ode II to KBOO

It is this cord,
that pulls us
guide us
from home to
the heart
as we drive
arrive from anywhere
to here, 20 SE 8th.

It is this wave
of delight and torment
ecstasy and despair
consensus and conflict
sweet controversy
which feeds our
and our global action.

It is this circle
upon circle
upon circle outward
rippling through the
amber waves
and purple mountains
past henge and pyramid
perhaps even to The Great Wall

touching other ripples
creating new angles
of thought.

It is this spiral
which winds us
and springs us forth
through magnetic magic

a conch shell
of ocean sounds
of thunder and of rain.


cc nc nd Yaney LA MacIver