Friday, May 31, 2013

A Short Bio

3 kids, 3 grandkids, 2 partners. Live at the Pi in the Sky Ranch-base of Dimple Hill, Corvallis. 3 saxes: alto-Mick Angela, tenor-Keith Anne, soprano-Charlie Louise; drummer & kit, chickens, Starfish kitty, & mathematician (Michael).

My favorite house (1940 Cedar) just around the corner from Ginsberg's “Strange New Cottage in Berkeley”, pg. 55 “Collected Works”. When signing my copy he said, “You know how to use a book.” Because I used the table of contents.

Painting “Oregon Wheatfield” 1933—William Skinner (my great uncle) hangs in my living room. Maybe just painted down the hill from the Pi. A present to my grandparents, on the back it says, “If you don't like this one throw it away & I'll send you another.”

Been playing sax since the day my granddaughter was born. Shared beers with Donovan after Britt Festival, Derroll Adams son was there too. DonOH gave me two hugs, said I should choose one sax, oh well.

Did Bike4Peace 2010 with former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney-I invited her. Hope to cycle over Sonora Pass retracing my great grandfather's journey to Bishop after the Gold Rush. Bike's name is Violetta, tandem is Pamela Jo. Vernon's (drummer) is Phrank. I can now cycle up my hill.

My unpublished poetry collection “Passionata et Materna” hasn't been eaten by computers.

SciFi, UUism, theology, Coltrane (the church of too), Malcolm X (young Malcolm you are gone from us way too soon), Bowie, Violet Blue, Knox Bronson, Julianne Assange, Bradley Manning, & Roseanne rock. Corporations are NOT persons. LADWP rehydrate Owens Lake and the Valley!