Friday, June 01, 2007

More on Peace

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Here is a link to the John Hagelin Permanent Peace Site. I am very intrigued with this, especially in light of Cindy's withdrawl yesterday and my very real fears for my friend, Michelle Darr, and her family as she is traveling the country with:

"The Catalysts of H.O.P.E.(Healing Our People and Earth) began riding our bicycles across the United States for Peace and Sustainability on 17-Mar-07 in Portland, OR. All the way down the west coast and beginningto travel across the south, we and our message have been supported by Americans from all walks of life. We've had as many as 15 riders at one time, but our core has consisted of two adults, an 11-yr-old, and 20-mo-old twins."

I am very worried about them and their safety as I am worried about her partner, Ben, left at home with their young son Phoenix. It is a hard time on Ben and similar themes to Cindy's struggle predominate in that family as well.

It is very upsetting to me to see that Michelle has to feel her need to ride clear across country to end this war that the Congress will not. There is more bravery in young Tala (the 11 year old) than in Congress combined.

Anyway more on Michelle's tour de peace can be found at The Catalyst of Peace Site.

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It was 40 Years Ago Today and Assorted Ramblings

And other random thoughts about wallpaper, etc.

Happy Sgt. Pepper's B'day to all. To all you Lucy's out there may you have plenty of diamonds in your skies.

Now what you say is this about wallpaper? Well, I inadvertently started the wallpaper project in the bedroom last weekend. Cleaned everything out (five boxes of books to sell this weekend), washed the wicker--why dust when you can really clean.

Me sweetie has painted the ceiling and may, as we speak, be hanging some paper. Then on to the roof--but do I still have to sleep on the floor "like dog"? Stayed tuned for the next round of domestic concensus.

Now to me dear friends on the Whidbey side of things--here's some news. Hope this doesn't delay any of your commutes.

Mulkiteo Ferry Slams into Pilings

Well, what more can be said. Oh yes, Cindy Sheehan. Gosh my dear, I do understand. The movement eats us up and uses us. And what the heck are the D's thinking. I mean heck, you have Hillary, it takes a country to raze a village, Clinton she voted and still votes for the war.

Any way here's something that if the Congress, etc. took it up--we really might end war:

TM Anyone? More of the Don and David show.

Well it's a grandbaby weekend--have a pleasant one.