Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OWS Reflections Sunday, October 9 After Waking from a Night's Not Sleeping

OWS Reflections Sunday, October 9 After Waking from a Night's Not Sleeping
by Yaney LA MacIver, Sweet Heart of the Valley, Pi in the Sky Ranch on Dimple Hill

Forgive us our debts
as we forgive our debtors. (Repeat often as chant.)
This is said each week in churches around the globe.
Dear Wall Street we will forgive you the bailout
as you forgive us our loans.
We will all forgive any loans to anyone.

How can we do this safely?
Certainly we have the minds to test this locally.
Would the minds still maintain the inherited elite?
What do we do with them? Like the monarchs of Europe,
they could be there for ceremonial purposes?
What are their insights into “running” the world that would be useful for the rest of us to know?

And certainly they know how to amass great resources to achieve great things. Those resources should now be available for the rest of us. Our governments, likewise. Perhaps they are one in the same?

Could we as one Occupier from Portland on KBOO said recently, become the 100% a whole planet, a whole planet, a whole planet?

Forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us. (Repeat often as chant.)
The other version of what is said in churches around the world.

Forgive us our incursions, our wars, our imperial occupations, our crimes.
As we forgive you. Yours against our persons, against our countries, against our tribe, village, the color of our skin, our religion, our sexualities, our gender.

Bring the troops home in every land, from every land.
Release the prisoners to home or treatment facilities.

Dismantle the war machines.
Clean up the toxins of the air, the land, the water.
Homes for all, food for all, health care for all, free schooling.
Rebuild our world in cooperation with nature; cleanly and beautifully.

Create the temples of humankind to celebrate the divine and human in every village.
So that people will now be able to provide for their families and communities.
To be able to create joy of life and celebration in art, music, dance, stories. etc.
To mourn at the passings and to gracefully care for their young, elderly, and infirm.
To give youth meaning, to assist families, to TERRAFORM the Earth.

TERRAFORM the Earth, Occupy the planet. Occupy your home, your life.

Revision 11/16/11

Friday, July 29, 2011

KBOO Board of Directors Candidate Statement--Yaney LA MacIver

Dear Fellow KBOO Members,

I love KBOO and am asking for your vote and election to the KBOO Board of Directors. With over 35 years in community organizing, previous KBOO Board, and decades of non-profit experience: as an employee, engaged member, and valued volunteer; I will be an excellent and resourceful KBOO Board member.

KBOO is at a crossroads now that it is over 40 years old as evidenced by the newly released Strategic Plan, requests to implement a Collective Staff Management process, concerns about board member training, and revenues that are not meeting expenses. In fact just this weekend, KBOO’s board is having a budget retreat to examine its own “debt ceiling” as is our country. Both may require us all to make some serious adjustments. Decisions made at this meeting will challenge the newly elected board; I am ready for that challenge.

I applaud and am excited by the vision in the Strategic Plan of the KBOO as a media center, the strengthening of volunteer and staff training and development, and the focus on radio excellence.

I am concerned with some implementation strategies. How will selling off the translator frequencies in Corvallis and Hood River assist in providing funds for an expansion of KBOO as a media center for the PDX Metro Area? (According to the Strategic Plan these decisions will be made in executive session without member input/approval!) As far as I can tell by member numbers in the translator communities these communities are more than fully funding the translators’ expenses (some members even have KBOO in their wills). In my own community, Corvallis, a 1000 people come together to raise $20,000 more than enough for our translator’s costs (a project in which I was a main organizer).

What other assets do we/KBOO have that might be better utilized to spread KBOO’s light/voice/vision to other communities in Oregon/SW Washington, instead of being sold off—such as Pendleton—(near where a prison is located that houses many of Portland’s incarcerated). Will the owner/members of this new station, KBLU, rebroadcast Prison Pipeline for those inmates and their families? What about other KBOO content, will this new station exhibit KBOO values, etc.?

To be fully vibrant we need a mix of terrestrial and electronic outreach. The internet is not fully assured as capitalist forces are seeking to commandeer it for their own interests.

Hence we need a board that can compassionately and creatively address these financial, outreach, and development issues. I believe that my experience in all aspects of nonprofits (including as a nonprofit employee) will enable me to be strong and understanding leader for KBOO. So I ask all my friends in the Peace and Justice communities (Portland/Regionally), those in TranslatorLand, and all lovers of KBOO to vote for me—and then please click the tip jar—tell them I sent you!

Thanks and love,

The SweetheartoftheValley (, trysaxy_all—Twitter, 541-829-9788—Pi in the Sky Ranch, on Dimple Hill in Corvallis—7/29/11

Yaney LA MacIver