Friday, November 16, 2007

A Theory of Everything

Hey all check this dude out!! Garrett Lisi not only can the guy surf, he's working on the Theory of Everything, see this article in the UK Independent: Surfer Dude Stuns Physicists with Theory of Everything. Heck I can't even roller skate without breaking my left arm, done it twice. Thanks to my friend Melodie for passing this along to me.

Reminds me of Moon Man--now that's a story I should tell from my UC Berkeley days. I have a moon acre that I bought for a mere dollar. Well he's gone on to write a book about it and new moon acres are now five dollars. Heck I made money in lunar real estate. And when I ordered his book (two copies, one for me, one for a friend along with a moon acre for the latter) he sent along a brand new acre for me, wow a stock split too. Anyway here's his site I Sold the Moon and since we're on the topic I might add to Barry's injunction of "Think Cosmically, Act Globally" to Eat Locally.

Of course why have the two best books I've read recently been by Virgos? 'Splain' it to me Lucy!


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