Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is Corvallis/This is Me Any Questions

So here we are last night at the Hilltop Big Band concert in Central Park in Corvallis, Oregon that is. See the line where all the people are watching the show? Yeah way back there almost to the trees and Monroe Street! See the chair (just to the right of the speaker), see the gazeebo where the band is playing? Now folks where would you be?

And the band wasn't that loud. Drummer, keyboard, bass, guitar, three or four trombones, same for trumpets, two to three alto saxes, occasional soprano sax, two tenor saxes, and one baritone sax; and only miked for the solos.

I guess I'm always out, apart, but after 25 years in this town, you'd think there'd be a few more like me. Oh well as my sax teacher says, "Yaney, you must have tipped the usher."

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