Friday, April 14, 2006

A Good Friday Post

So much has happened since the last bit of musing. A trip to Vancouver BC area for the Solid Waste Associations of North America's trade show and symposium to a bit of jaunt over to Whidbey Island last week, what a pleasant visit. But before that lads and lassies shall I tell you of the housecleaning debacle?

Let's just say that the Pi has had some serious neglect in the straightening up dept. for the past few years and things are not less busy this year. So it all starts with Xmas. I decided to divy up the Xmas decorations amongst the kids, keeping a few for myself. Got one of those Norfolk Pines (so it's alive, just so you won't worry later). Anyway decorated the little tree, put away the boxes and didn't really think much about it until March, when I finally had time to undecorate and the last present had been handed out. Well when I went in to the decoration closet--yikes--mice had been everywhere, especially the Easter. Hence to clean the closet--ugh, get plastic storage boxes for all the decorations, etc. But that meant we had to clean the kitchen downstairs--another ugh, which led to having to clean the shelves over the washer and dryer because (I decided) you might as well have all the cleaning products in one place, instead of five! Imagine that!

However the shelves over the washer/dryer had not been cleaned for--yes two decades--very ugh. So that's my month of March all gone to cleaning--and I haven't even got to do my office (the guest room) but do have a start as all the Star Trek toys are off the shelves (except the top one), washed and dried and are just waiting to be put back on the cleaned shelves.

So am still pursuing the music, this weekend two of my faves, Eleven Eyes is opening for Sweeter than the Day tonight at the Shedd in Eugene and then tomorrow The Day will be at Squirell's in Corvallis. So it's a follow the Day weekend for me.

Next weekend, Bo Diddley at the Aladdin in Portland on Friday and the weekend after that Timothy Hull opening for Jim Page at Cosmic Pizza on the 28th. So it will be music, music, and more music. Just what your SweetHeart of the Valley needs.

Hope to see you at some of the above.

Ostara is the reason for the season.

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