Wednesday, March 08, 2006

International Women's Day Special Edition

The storm is upon us, cold rain, wind. I should say we strongly desire more warmth, less wind, etc. We are hoping that the Doug Firs do not crash down on the lowly Pi in the Sky Ranch abode. And that Doppio (the cold '79 VW van) will be able to make it home from work without being blown off the road. I think we'll take the scenic route home.

To those of you who've been bissfully out of U$ during the past few weeks, particularily in Edinburgh (we envy you) the news is that the South Dakota legislature has passed an anti-abortion bill which their governor has agreed to sign. Hence abortion will be illegal in SD. Mississippi is not far on the horizon for the same thing. That's why the coat hanger mailings may need to start again. And to all the Dems who allowed Alito--can you ever again tell me that it's all about the Supreme Court again? Hardly with a straight face!

Seems like you can never quite take a sabbatical from this stuff.

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