Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Day Before the Storm

Well me little oysters,

The day is alternately sunny, and hailing, and raining. We are looking forward to more warmth. Please go visit my friends's sites, especially Timothy's and Derek's--buy their CDs. Music is the greatest!

Now a bit about me--I've crossed the half century mark. I play both Tenor and Alto Sax, love Coltrane, Donovan, The Stones, and of course Mr. Bowie. Plus I've got some very special bands/folks I love in the Seattle area; Children of the Revolution for one (more on my Seattle dream band later). I've been an activist since I was 15 or since I was born in the wee town of Bishop, California. It wasn't what was in the water, it was the water.

And do listen to my radio station KBOO (link at right).

If you do go to the Donovan site--you might want to join in a couple of discussion groups/email lists that are really into him--my recommendation is this one http://groups.yahoo.com/group/donovancelticdreamweaver.

Tomorrow is International Woman's Day--to all me lasses--it's damn time to get sassy. Refugees from South Dakota anyone? Get ready for a mass coat hanger mailing. Maybe vasectomies for all male members of the South Dakota legislature and the gov., plus some pre-emptive ones for the same group of folks in Mississippi. What da ya think?

Sweetly yours,


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lucydmot said...

Oh dear - coat hanger mailing! Not up on the news but certainly get the drift. Yikes!

Happy International Women's Day. That one I know about - my Eckhart Tolle Calendar - the Power of Now. Celebrate in a joyous as well as political way as well.