Monday, February 11, 2008

Tommy Hollywood's 12 String Stolen and Van Breakin Oustide KBOO 2/8

From Tommy:

"Hi Yaney, I'm still reeling from what happened. There was broken glass all over the chocolate frosting on my birthday cake. I'm brokenhearted about my Guild. The electronics are just electronics, but that was a 17 year relationship with an instrument. I'm very bummed. The good news is people are keeping an eye out for it. Its not the most common guitar. The guitar is a Guild JF30 12 string. It is a beautiful jumbo flamed maple instrument. It has a few cracks in the finish from temperature fluctuations. One crack is right at the headstock. The crack is in the finish only. Here are a couple of pix. The Guild is sitting behind the Fender amp in these shots. I was parked half a block from KBOO's door....just waiting 15 minutes for Kathy Fours to move her car as she left at 2AM. I could have easily caught the bastards in the act. That might not have been such a good thing. The larger issue is the security of late night KBOO programmers."

And on his birthday!!!!

As many of you know KBOO was born in Tommy's dad's (Ern Hood's) house.

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