Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Save the Donovan

Why save the Donovan? Well that's the next post, where kiddies we show you the trees on the rooftop--ho, ho, ho.


=Eric said...

Looks like the Donvan singer of my youth. Still pretty, I see. And his kid has an album!

He was the magical version of Phil Ochs, who was the poet of the pragmatists. Listening to Donovan, you knew he'd never die. Listening to Ochs, you knew he'd acknowledged his own end in every song he wrote.

Donovan made me smile. Ochs made me cry.

SweetHeart of the Valley said...

Yes Eric,

It is the Donovan of our youth. But also there is the Donovan of now, even if the tour and album are not yet ready. Will post more when I can, the Donovan in the circle is from the Cosmic Wheels Album.