Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Return of the Light

Well folks we haven't posted in awhile--quite a bit going on. Me sweetie and I decided to celebrate the season by switching to compact fluorescents all over the house. So a few light bulb jokes later, only one old bulb that decided to get stuck in the fixture, requiring some repair with the fixture hanging down from the ceiling. And viola--let the be much more light--although it's a bit of a yellow hue and has changed some colors. But it feels better to be using them.

The deal was $35 something as our local electric coop had bulbs at three for one.

Good news on my friend Derek, he's found a good job (better pay than I get and benefits too--how I wish).

My daughter Harvest has moved into a pretty nice apartment (has one of those gas log fireplaces, so it looks quite swanky). But she could use some help with her washer--it won't spin.

And the rest is basically the same ol' same ol'.



crallspace said...

Were you without lights beforehand?

SweetHeart of the Valley said...

No my dear crallspace we had incandescence. Which we have now compacted.